... is my real name, people call me Larry. I'm a 36 year old Dutch 3D designer with considerable work experience, currently living in Zagreb, Croatia.
I was born and raised in Jakarta up until 7yo before moving to the Netherlands where I lived for more than 2 decades, majorally in Amsterdam. Sometime in between, I also lived in London for uni.


.. is a self employed company founded in 2001, initially for web design services and further expanding into a variety of creative services, specialising in 3D graphics.

Fibonacci spiral

the name Tenth Helix:

...inspired by, the golden ratio 1:1.618 regarding universal aesthetics in form & function. "De divina proportione " a perfect balance in art & architecture; Proportionate patterns in nature, from human biology, to astronomy. A further fascination developed into the im-perfect, its beauty and its significance as a whole also involving the dimensions of time and motion.
....the 'Tenth Helix' resembles an uncalculated logarithm of imperfection and its quirks that ride alongside perfection in a silent symbiosis; challenging contemporary trends and bringing forth thrive for innovation. Much alike the mythical 'Tenth Planet' believed by the ancient Sumerians to be responsible for the evolution of our DNA helix, its orbital route overlaps our solar system in similar union.